Tickets for Burns Baby Burns 2017 released 1st June at 12pm

in the mean time we present

Epic Solstice Ceilidh

The Masked Pagan Ball


But we hae meat and we can eat, and sae the Lord be thankit…

Join The Nest Collective and Adamotions in the resplendent glory of St. John's at Hackney church for a immersive night bedecked in tartan and tam o'shanters, where whisky and poetry flows and the rafters and floorboards are thumdersomely shaken, all in glorious celebration of world's third most statued man, Scotland's answer to the lord almighty, Robert Burns. 

Pre dinner sees the enormous balcony populated by face painting, poetry, tartan adornment and a multitude of toasts of fine scotch, followed by a three course sit down banquet on tables as far as the eye can see. The clearing of the deserts sees the Ceilidh Liberation Front take centre stage, for the wildest most joyful ceilidh south of South Lanarkshire.

Giant haggis will be piped, fire danced, drams raised, sporrans polished, lassies toasted, dosies do'ed, willow's stripped and homage paid in the most fantastical of styles to Rabbie Burns. 

Bring your squeeze, bring your kilt, bring your granny, bring your dancing shoes, Burns Baby Burns invites you to celebrate Scotland's finest in some style, right in the heart of Hackney.

Ticket includes...

Three course sit down meal served on china plates, a dram of whisky, Burns night spectacle rituals of poetry, reading and song, Ceilidh dancing into the night and a cuddle with Rabbie.

For those on a tighter budget, Ceilidh only tickets are available. Watch the spectacle from the balcony and enjoy the whisky bar before heading down for the post supper Ceilidh.

Group bookings are available, contact us for details


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